8 foods against depression

Many people suffer from depression every year, some are aware of it but others can live with depression without even realizing that they have it.

Many people suffer from depression every year, some are aware of it but others can live with depression without even realizing that they have it.

Depression is a disorder related to emotions such as sadness, and characterized by feelings of despondency, unhappiness and guilt. Also, this state makes the person unable to enjoy the everyday things that happen in their day to day. And in addition, these disorders are sometimes accompanied by anxiety.

Before, research pointed out that depression was due to an emotional issue, but today, science does not rule out that its origin has to do with environmental factors, and even genetic factors.

The positive is that many cases have a solution, adopting healthy lifestyle habits and doing activities that give pleasure. Although it is also true that there are people with depression who suffer chronic episodes that have to be treated by a specialist professional.

According to scientific research, you can fight the disease with the intake of some foods. Let’s find out what they are:


They are the best natural source of monounsaturated fatty acids and their intake is recommended for the benefits it has for the cardiovascular system and for generating a good mood.

In addition, its omega 3 fatty acids have a positive effect on the brain, acting against depression and bad mood.

Do not forget that eating walnuts on a regular basis helps the brain to be active, preventing its cognitive decline.


It is a type of lean meat rich in protein and contains an essential amino acid called tryptophan, which is the perfect weapon to fight depression.

On the other hand, this substance is the main responsible for the secretion of serotonin, a chemical that causes well-being in our body.

Dark chocolate

As long as it is consumed in a moderate way, without excesses, dark chocolate (with more than 70% cocoa) can be included in your diet.

It has antioxidants that help stop the damage caused by free radicals.

It also has other functions such as: accelerating serotonin in the brain, lowering cortisol and improving mood in no time.

Green Tea

Green tea is characterized by being rich in antioxidants and by having other nutrients that contribute to weight loss.

Of note, green tea is an essential amino acid known as theanine that has relaxing and antidepressant functions.


It is one of the most complete cereals that exist, thanks to its vitamins B1, B6 and folic acid, which also help to have a better digestion and balance blood sugar levels.

Blue Fish

Omega 3 is the substance that these foods contain and that provide the most benefits to the body. This fatty acid plays an important role in the segregation of those substances that provide well-being to the body.

In addition to this, omega 3 has other benefits: it reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation and prevents heart disease.

Some fish with more sources of omega 3 are: sardines, mackerel, wild salmon, tuna or cod.

Beer yeast

Yes, as you hear it. Brewer’s yeast has some healthy properties for our body. In this sense, beer yeast strengthens the nervous system thanks to the B vitamins and essential amino acids it has, reducing stress and depression.


Turmeric is a spice that has a lot of benefits, among them it prevents illnesses and prevents depressive disorders.

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