How To Return Your Usual Routine and Not Die Trying

The holidays are over, and, luckily or unfortunately, the return to the routine begins.

The holidays are over, and, luckily or unfortunately, the return to the routine begins. It is more than likely that this summer, you have spent a bit with food and cocktails, and now it’s time to go back to the course of a few months ago, with the plus of the “back to school.”

Said like this, all of this stresses even the bravest, but I tell you, it doesn’t have to be a headache.
And is that you get on the scale, look at your fridge, check that you have spent the August quota of the gym and you have barely stepped on it, and the first thing you think about is putting your hands on your head. Well, let’s see some tips to make your refrigerator healthy again, and your life becomes a little more active when it comes to training.

Say goodbye to negative thoughts.

As I said before, when the holidays are over, we can’t stop thinking that I wish I hadn’t eaten this or that you should have gone out to party only on weekends instead of Tuesday to Sunday, etc. What you have to do is forget all that, turn the page, and think that whoever had retained, that it is not too late to start taking care of yourself again. Think that if you have led a healthy life during the rest of the months, a month of excess is not so bad either. Because you worth it!

Be careful with the scale.

Recording your progress in weight reduction and fat percentage is very good. What’s more, I highly recommend it. But it would help if you never obsessed over weighing yourself every day. Remember that each decimal that marks your scale does not define the effort that you are carrying out.
Why run if you don’t like it?

Not everyone likes to run, and nothing happens. Forcing yourself to do something you don’t like isn’t going to make you want to continue. Many other alternatives to “running” and many other cardiovascular exercises can have the same effect. If you hate running, get into Body Pump. What don’t you like either? Get on the bike. Either? Well, Zumba or GAP.

As you can see, it will not be due to a lack of activities. You just have to search, try, and stay with the one you like the most. It will always be better than staying home on the couch because you don’t like running.

Don’t train to change a part of your body.

Training because you don’t like your body is the worst thing you can do. Exercising makes you feel better. Endorphins are released that improve your self-esteem and your mood. Train to feel better, have more strength, and less pain, which will result in a more athletic and healthier body.

Do you like broccoli?

Now broccoli has become fashionable as a fit food, but do you really want to eat it even if you don’t like it? With food, the same thing happens as with exercise, do not force yourself to eat food that you do not like because it is healthy and is consumed by all famous people. There are many other options with similar benefits that you will surely want more.

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