100% Natural Foodspring Supplementation

I just discovered (and tried) a new brand that works this type of product naturally, without any additives: Foodspring

When I was young, I became interested in sports supplementation as a sports supplement one fine day. When I mentioned it to my family, the usual clichés came out: if you are going to damage your liver, that is what I am going to put are only chemicals, etc. Well, I just discovered (and tried) a new brand that works this type of product naturally, without any additives: Foodspring

For this, they have traveled half the world to bring the best properties of Goji berries from the Ningxia Mountains or soybeans from Lake Constance.

Foodspring is a brand that works for and for the athlete, aware of their deficiencies and needs. And, as I said, all naturally. For example, to obtain proteins, free-range cow’s milk is used instead of others that “dope” with hormones to get more benefit.

Ok, I know you may think that maybe being organic and natural, the taste is not as good as the rest of the products. Nothing is further from reality. Foodspring works for our health, and it is useless to have a drink that tastes like rays and that you are going to put aside after three days. That is why they opt for de-oiling the soybeans and taking away the “famous” flavor or dehydrating the fruits in a vacuum not to lose an iota of flavor.

As an example, their peanut butter (which, by the way, is incredible), for which they use no less than 350 peanuts.

But that’s not all. In addition to supplementation, Foodspring also has products to make, such as protein bread or sugar-free desserts.

Another thing that surprised me was the Porridge (which I had never heard of before). It turns out that it is a container in which it is enough to pour hot water, stir a little and let it rest, to have an unbeatable breakfast very rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber. And it only took me 3 minutes to prepare.

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