The Best Way to Start Your New Life

The holidays are over, and with the return to the routine, I am sure that more than one has decided to start a new, healthier, and more active lifestyle, to prepare for the next bikini operation.

The holidays are over, and with the return to the routine, I am sure that more than one has decided to start a new, healthier, and more active lifestyle, to prepare for the next bikini operation.

First of all, you should neither worry nor be afraid of this new change, if you have always been a sedentary person. Just like you, for example, the Olympic long-distance athlete, Toni Abadía, has also been through that moment. Every athlete has their rest periods and their return to the routine, which means that, to a greater or lesser extent, they also require adaptation time.

Well, before putting on your shoes, you must follow these tips so that you do not deviate from the correct path, and you get to acquire a habit as easily as possible.

Analyze where you are leaving and where you are going.

When we want to make a change in our lives, our current situation does not entirely convince us. This is exactly what you should analyze, that habit you want to change, that aspect with which you are not satisfied. Whether it’s a few extra pounds or being able to lift more weight, or finishing a race, figuring out what you want to change and how you want to do it, should be the starting point of your new life.

Get a notepad

Once we know where we are starting from, the most important thing is to record the changes we are making to see if they work or not. That is, you must write down the workouts you do and how you feel after finishing them, and what you eat, ideally with data on amounts and number of calories.

I know it may seem too messy, but I assure you that it is only beginning since our diet is not usually so varied that we have to write down different things every day. With this advice, you will achieve greater efficiency in your caloric balance and workouts.

Find a professional

Of course, you shouldn’t start your training or diet with the latest internet fad or by copying what celebrities do on duty. And far from replicating the routine that your neighbor of the fifth takes. Every person is different, and what works for your friend may not be suitable for you. In addition, a professional will make your routine much more effective and achieve your results in the shortest possible time.

Two is better than one.

Training in a company is, for many, better than doing it alone. If you convince someone to start the path towards a goal, at the same time as you, your journey will be more enjoyable, and it will cost you less to reach the goal.

But beware, this does not mean that training and eating are the same for you and your partner. There will be days that the difference in training will make you train separately. Take advantage at the end to compare your sessions, your sensations, and your stiffness sitting quietly on a terrace.

Come back

As in any routine, getting back to the old one is not easy. There will be times when you will be down, and it may cross your head to throw in the towel. To do this, in addition to leaning on your partner if you manage to find one, I recommend opening an account in a social network, where you hang every step you take, every progress you make, or everything related to your new life. In this way, you will also help people in the same situation and, if for whatever reason you plan to quit, you will remember the people who follow you, those for whom you are a reference.

In short, when you decide to start a new life, the fight is between you and you, no one else. On that path, you are the leader who will adapt to the new situations and demands of your body, the one who will decide if you want to continue with that continuous improvement that you are already beginning to achieve.

This is the best way to achieve the highest efficiency in everything you do. As Cepsa goes, a way to improve and adapt to individual needs is to extend its continuous improvement to all of us. In this case, to make our new routine more bearable and efficient.

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