Do You know that Andullation Can Help Combat Pain?


Hello friends! It turns out that a new technique focused on relieving pain and improving performance has reached my ears. It is about Andullation, a treatment method based on biophysical principles that, thanks to vibration stimuli and infrared heat, has great effects on the essential functions of our body.

Let’s say that this method has similarities to a physiotherapy treatment, where the patient lies on a stretcher and is treated using certain devices, depending on the desired objective.

As I have been able to find out through the HHP company, Andulation is based on five principles:

Cellular energy production

The famous molecule ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) generates the energy that cells need to be alive and healthy. Cells regularly reproduce by creating exact copies of themselves, with all the information necessary to stay alive. The problem comes when we have a poor diet or suffer from stress, which diminishes the ability to generate energy that our cells have, which translates into a more than remarkable lack of vitality.

Well, what Adulation does is generate electrical microcurrents that reach the cells, facilitating ATP production.

Less pain

In addition, the vibrations of this method generate positive signals in the body that are increasing, overshadowing the signs of pain. That is, we suffer from a pain of 6 out of 10, we start treatment, and the positive signals we receive exceed that 6 out of 10, causing the pain to reduce and even disappear. On the other hand, the regular application of Andulation has an effect similar to that of exercise. The body releases endorphins, which can even help to have a better mood.

Improves circulation

Many of the problems are due to poor circulation since the blood distributes nutrients throughout the body. Therefore, if our circulation is bad, our body will not receive all the nutrients it needs. In addition, and I did not know this, if the circulation is not good, the cells adhere to each other, making the distribution of nutrients more difficult. Well, Andulation ensures the separation of these adhered cells and the improvement of general circulation.

Muscle relaxation

Applied to improve performance, Andullation seems very interesting to me since it produces vasodilation thanks to infrared heat, which causes more blood to reach the affected area, leading to better and faster muscle recovery.

Stimulates the lymphatic system

Without getting into technicalities, the lymphatic system is basically in charge of detoxifying our body, eliminating fats and proteins that, as they are “so big,” cannot penetrate the capillary walls of the blood vessels to be processed. Andullation is responsible for activating the lymphatic flow and improves metabolism, and helps eliminate fluids.

Well, friends, as I always say, you will never go to bed without knowing one more thing. And it is that in everything related to health, every day, new things come out to improve our lifestyle, make our workouts safer, or simply so that we live longer and better.

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