Do I Have Enough With My Diet if I Want To Be in Shape?


Hello friends, today I want to talk to you about a topic many of you have asked me about. And it is if, with the food that we have daily, it is enough to be in shape.

Well, let’s start from the basis that your diet is correct, with some excesses on the weekends (come on, like practically everyone else). That is where the type of training you are doing comes into play and, of course, the goal you have in mind.

If you are lucky enough to enjoy an excellent Mediterranean diet, then I have to say that you are on the right track. But is it sufficient if I kill myself in the gym?

The first thing to remember is that what we eat is our gasoline. If you tend to go out for a run every day, pound yourself in the gym like there’s no tomorrow, or you’ve just discovered the benefits of practicing good HIIT, then your diet may not be entirely complete.

For someone who does not train regularly, eating a balanced diet is correct. But to be able to perform more in your workouts, it is essential to put more gasoline into the body. And how do you do that? Easy, eating more. When you do high-intensity training, the body will ask you for a greater amount of carbohydrate reserves. And this is a vicious cycle since if you don’t have adequate carbohydrates, you will not be able to give 100% in your training, and therefore you will go towards your goal but more slowly. On the other hand, by increasing the intake of this macronutrient, your workouts will be of higher quality, and you will notice the results sooner.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to get puffed up to eat pasta before each session. Many of you indeed tell me that if you eat more, then in training, you feel heavier, or you simply are not hungry enough to swell up to eat.

So my advice is that you opt for supplementation, which usually includes in a concentrated way the necessary nutrients that you could obtain with a more significant amount of food.

And not everything is smoothies. For example, Bimanán bars can be a very good option since they hardly take up space and several types depending on the nutrients you need. You have them with more protein to feel more satiated between meals or with more carbohydrates to get a boost of energy before training.

In addition, if what you are looking for is to lose weight, Bimanán also has other products in the form of pills or shakes, which promote fat burning (yes, as long as you combine it with training).

In short, training and eating well is the best way to go. But if you supplement it with some supplementation, you will notice how your goal is approaching faster.

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