14 Tricks to Sleep Better and Much Faster

Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives, but it is difficult for us to sleep in times of distress.

Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives, but it is difficult for us to sleep in times of distress. However, there are tricks to fall asleep faster and better, all scientifically proven.

When we don’t get enough sleep, we are affecting our health and performance. Lack of sleep makes us less effective, creates stress and restlessness, and moves us away from happiness.

In Spain, for example, the most recent studies indicate that people sleep little and go to bed late. On average, Spaniards sleep 7.1 hours, which does not reach the recommended 8 hours.

As if that were not enough, the few hours of sleep make these people wake up feeling tired. This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that technology and smartphones distract us when it comes to going to sleep.

Anyway, there are still ways to change your sleep habits and be more productive. Just follow these 14 tricks to fall asleep:

Give up caffeine: Drinking coffee is a good way to combat fatigue, but it can be part of the problem because caffeine changes the levels of melatonin in our brain, and this will cause you to lose sleep.

Look for the dark: Always make sure to turn off the lights in your room, but also to cover any light that can interfere with your melatonin levels. Blue light is terrible as it tricks your brain into thinking it is daytime.

Do not drink alcohol: alcohol consumption can cause diseases such as apnea and make you rest worse, especially if you have insomnia.

Disconnect from your cell phone: even if it sounds difficult, you must leave your cell phone in a distant place. Looking at a screen before sleeping, whether it is your Tablet or your TV, affects the way we sleep.

Take a bath: For some, taking a hot bath just before going to sleep is relaxing and induces sleep.

Create a habit: the routine is key to many things. When it comes to sleep, you can create one that always tells your body that it is time to go to sleep.

Share your bed with someone special: couples who get along and have a healthy relationship sleep better because they are in harmony and are happy.

Cold: You should never feel cold when sleeping, but keeping your room cold or warmer will allow you to sleep better.

Cover your feet and hands: Feeling that your hands and feet are always warm will make you sleep more comfortably. Wear socks and keep your hands under the covers.

Music: put on a pair of headphones or use your stereo and listen to classical music before going to sleep. This will improve your sleep quality.

Essences: both lavender and other essential flora will relax you and make you wake up more energized.

Melatonin: If your insomnia is chronic and nothing is helping you fall asleep, it may be time to see your doctor and take melatonin supplements.

Good thoughts: clearing your mind and putting daily life problems aside can help you sleep better. Think happy things and be positive.

Breathing: Exercising breathing and focusing on the way you breathe clears your mind and helps your body find the perfect rhythm for sleeping.

Try these tricks, and you will see how your quality of sleep gets better every day. Little by little, you will start the day full of energy, and you will be more productive than ever. Don’t wait any longer, and sleep well tonight!

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